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Lake House


Danny L. Scott is a director, producer, screenwriter and CEO of Howling Film. With over fifteen years of experience in film, Scott has directed several projects and has been recognized for his body of work in film making and directing. Scott's latest film: Lake House was named one of ten most anticipated horror films for 2016.

Howling Film

Howling Films was formed in 2015 to develop, produce, and finance feature horror films, television and digital media. With offices located in South and North Carolina, the company plans to produce three to five horror films per year.


A DDMS Entertainment is a boutique entertainment company specializing in multiple aspects of entertainment including, but not limited to: film, television, theater, artist management/booking, public relations, publishing, casting and production. The mission of the company is to deliver high quality, innovative entertainment that is not only unforgettable but will be future classics.